98% Permeable

Drive on surface
98% Permeable.


Strong. Durable.
Easy to Install.


Environmentally Sustainable.
Grass or Gravel.

Australia's Strongest Permeable Paver

TRUEGRID®, Australia’s strongest plastic permeable paver, is a sustainable alternative to Concrete & Asphalt. Designed for commercial and residential applications, TRUEGRID reduces urban flooding, stabilises any surface, can carry any vehicle load,  and delivers cost savings against conventional paving methods.

TRUEGRID grass or gravel filled pavers absorb stormwater, with zero runoff and allow stormwater to drain immediately. No more potholes or loose gravel, puddles,  rutted muddy grass, mosquito-breeding pooling water, or hot asphalt. Modular, fast, and easy-to-install.  A cooler, natural and permeable surface that is appealing and functional.

TRUEGRID Pavers are the solution for your next driveway, carpark, access road, footpath or commercial hardstand.

100% Recycled 100% Australian Made

Pave the way to a sustainable future with the TRUEGRID HDPE Paver System.


Pro Lite

The residential Paver

Pro Plus

The Commercial Paver


Grass Stabilisation