Grass Drive on Surface 


Grass surfaces needs an adequate depth of aerated soil to remain healthy, heavy vehicle loads or constant foot traffic will result in soil compaction which reduces the amount of air and water that reaches the grass root zone.  

For commercial grass parking, the unique TRUEGRID Pro Plus S-Flex 48 cells protect the ground from being compacted and the grass roots from being crushed, allowing the grass to grow naturally.

During rain periods the soil loses its strength, resulting in slipping wheels, bogged vehicles and damaged grass that needs to be repaired. A TRUEGRID Drive On Surface  prevents ruts from developing in the grass and prevents the grass from being killed by heavy traffic from vehicles or pedestrian access. 

TRUEGRID Trafficable Grass Solutions

Pro Plus S-Flex 48 is the go-to commercial permeable paver for heavy use or heavy load grass parking surfaces. For Emergency Access, Overflow parking, Event Parking, Permanent Parking, Reinforced Grass Pavement and green driveways.

 Increase Land Utilisation

No need to change the nature of your ground from Pervious to Impervious, use TRUEGRID S-Flex 48 to extend your parking options with a 98% permeable paver that reduces the impact of your parking spaces on site coverage ratios providing better sustainability through design. Minimise the extent of impervious surfaces with TRUEGRID to create commercial grass parking areas improving on site reuse of water, lowering the Urban Heat Island and delivering a sustainable social impact with reduced hard paved areas.

Use the TRUEGRID node as a component of your stormwater treatment train. Unlike asphalt or concrete, TRUEGRID does not concentrate hydrocarbons from vehicles, pet waste, oil etc allowing for a more even treatment curve. Generate compliant WSUD reports & Music model at Cleanstormwater here


If you’re looking for cutting-edge landscaping and grass protection technology, look no further than TRUEGRID ROOT, a groundbreaking product with an advanced patented design, TRUEGRID® ROOT® dramatically raises the bar for grass protection mesh.

TRUEGRID ROOT is made from 100% recycled plastic. By choosing this product, you’re protecting your lawn and contributing to environmental sustainability.

TRUEGRID ROOT is much more than just a grass protection mesh or car parking grid. It is extremely versatile and can be utilized in a bunch of different ways, from constructing light aircraft runways to protecting festival sites, grass paving paths and trails, providing slope and scour protection, or supporting fairground turf. The potential uses for the TRUEGRID ROOT permeable paving system are virtually limitless.

Here's How it works:

Upgrade Your Overflow Parking Today with TRUEGRID ROOT

Don’t settle for unsightly ruts and damaged grass caused by overflow parking. Embrace the future with TRUEGRID ROOT, the ultimate parking solution in grass protection mesh for car parking.

TRUEGOOD ROOT will help ensure that your lawn stays as vibrant and healthy as ever, regardless of how many vehicles you need to accommodate. Its benefits go far beyond just cars and trucks, and covers a broad range of applications, including light aircraft, event spaces, and more.