Frequently Asked Questions

We are happy to answer any and all questions you may have about our TRUEGRID pavers. Look through the questions and answers below. If your question remains unanswered, feel free to contact us directly.


  • TRUEGRID is an eco-friendly paving alternative to concrete and asphalt made from 100% recycled plastic that provides stability and storm water detention.
  • TRUEGRID is super durable and storm water permeable to reduce flooding as well as stop rutting and erosion by providing structure for ground stabilization.
  • Park/drive on the TRUEGRID surface and detain water underneath.
  • TRUEGRID is a low maintenance option to gravel and asphalt yards.

What are the environmental benefits of TRUEGRID?

TRUEGRID is green from manufacturing through end use. TRUEGRID is made from 100% post consumer recycled HDPE. Using TRUEGRID allows storm water to permeate through the aggregate or grass fill so bioremediation can help remove pollutants from the water before it reaches the water table (Environment). Also, substituting TRUEGRID for concrete eliminates the CO2 emissions from the manufacture of cement. To calculate the environmental impact and benefits for your specific project please enter the size of your area in the calculator on the Environmental Impact page.

How long will my TRUEGRID last?

Based on current applications in the USA the life span of TRUEGRID is 25 to 60 plus years depending on traffic and application.

TRUEGRID will typically outlast asphalt with much less maintenance and last as long as or longer than concrete.

How do I order TRUEGRID?

For all orders please contact sales@truegridpaver.com.au or phone 0408 444 349. (Shopping cart coming soon. For now, call or email for all pricing).

What makes TRUEGRID better than the rest?

TRUEGRID is the world’s strongest permeable paver at the best price. TRUEGRID has the highest possible compression strength and durability. TRUEGRID has the highest permeability and a maintenance free design. TRUEGRID is easy to install and the most affordable.

How do I install TRUEGRID?

The TRUEGRID System was developed to be very simple to install. Any contractor, landscaper, or DIY’er can easily do it the first time with little direction. We are also available for any needed guidance. DIY Install video coming soon.

Can I install TRUEGRID myself?

Yes! Installation of TRUEGRID is simple.

Can you recommend a contractor to install TRUEGRID?

Email or call us for a preferred installer in your area. If you have a paving contractor or landscaper who you would like to use for your TRUEGRID project, feel free to have him contact us directly for installation guidelines.

Does TRUEGRID need edging when installed next to other materials?

No, simply transition or grade to surrounding landscape or hardscape.

Can TRUEGRID be installed on sloped ground?

Yes. Generally, less than 15% slopes do not require staking.

What maintenance requirements are there for TRUEGRID?

None. TRUEGRID is a maintenance free system.

What is TRUEGRID warranty?

Five year warranty for workmanship and manufacturer’s defects. Check the installation contractor for installation warranty. TRUEGRID does not directly provide construction or installation services and does not warranty installation.

What types of soil does TRUEGRID work with?

TRUEGRID works with all soils and in all climates. For unstable soils a geo-grid mesh or permeable pinpoint fabric may be helpful between the soil and the rock base.

How do I stripe my parking lot?

Two ways. SuperSpotsTM are made to delineate parking are lock into the grid. Alternatively, you may paint stripes directly on the TRUEGRIDS’s encapsulated, non-overfilled gravel; these eventually may require repainting depending on traffic and wear.

How long will TRUEGRID stay permeable?

For the life of the installation when filled with the recommended clean, washed fill aggregate.

Does TRUEGRID help with flooding?

Yes, TRUEGRID reduces storm water runoff by providing water detention volume in the gird and the sub-base.

Can TRUEGRID be used in equine/livestock applications?

Yes, TRUEGRID prevents muddy stalls, trailways and pens, helping to prevent hoof disease. (Projects page photos)

Can TRUEGRID be used in fire lanes?

Yes, TRUEGRID is the perfect option to provide soil stabilization for fire lanes and fire engines and emergency vehicles. TRUEGRID meets code and has been installed in many such projects across the country.

How can I get detention space under the surface of TRUEGRID?

By using angular, clean stone 1” or under you can create detention which is calculated by multiplying the cubic feet of storage by 40%. This represents the void space in the rock sub- base and the detention capacity.

Can TRUEGRID be cut to fit any shape?

Yes, TRUEGRID can be easily cut on site with a handheld power saw.

What applications can TRUEGRID be used in?

Virtually any paving application except for high speed highways. It is ideally suited for parking lots, trucking yards, equipment storage yards, driveways, access easements, sports fields, overflow parking, job sites, oil field rig sites, pathways, ADA compliant surfaces, horse and livestock stalls and trails, event parking, entertainment venues for parking and foot traffic, landscaping, temporary parking or heavy vehicle traffic, equipment pads, hot tub pads, pool skirting, golf course paths.