Dust Mitigation


Rather than continue to purchase and apply gravel dust control products why not apply a one-time, permanent solution?

Whether you want to maintain a haul road, driveway, industrial yard, commercial parking area, public sector accessways or other area that requires you to reduce airborne dust from vehicle traffic, there’s no better choice than TRUEGRID.


TRUEGRID Commercial Permeable Pavers


Dust from gravel roads and parking areas can be a major health hazard to staff and the local community. What can be guaranteed is that on unbound gravel surfaces the dust will continue and erosion issues from heavy rains will need to be continuously repaired. 

Experience shows gravel hardstand areas suffer common challenges including Dust Generation from Unpaved surfaces where heavy vehicles pulverise the gravel and Erosion of soft spots from significant rain events and continued use of the yard during these periods

    Research shows these challenges drive increased maintenance costs and have a direct impact on air quality and worker amenity.

    The Solution is TRUEGRID Pro Plus S-Flex 48, the smarter alternative for dust mitigation to reduce airborne dust in mining camps, temporary hardstands, haul roads and equipment yards. Installation is quick and easy for both temporary or permanent solutions, TRUEGRID is cost-effective and can be easily removed and reused or fully recycled into other HDPE products.

    How does TRUEGRID Drive On Surface Pro Plus S-Flex 48 work?

    TRUEGRID Pro Plus S-Flex 48 is a patented design that provides an immediate and long-term solution, featuring gravel containment cells that are 98% permeable, reducing erosion and locking the gravel into place to prevent it from becoming pulverised, turning into harmful dust.

    There is little maintenance required and once TRUEGRID Pro Plus S-Flex 48, has been installed there is no need to apply dust palliatives as airborne dust is mostly eliminated.

    TRUEGRID Pro Plus S-Flex 48, provides a safer environment for workers and communities in commercial, industrial, and public sector car parks, heavy vehicle access yards and mining locations both for temporary and permanent use.


    TRUEGRID Pro Plus S-Flex 48, is Australia’s strongest Commercial Permeable Paver and has been tested for a compressive strength of over 8000 PSI and is able to carry any heavy vehicle loading on a prepared Sub grade.



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