Case Studies

Commercial Parking:

Capalaba Sports Club Car Park

  • Capalaba Sports Club wanted to increase its Car Parks for Members.
  • The areas identified were located around well-established trees.
  • There was a desire to maintain all of the existing trees and ensure works did not affect the current ground.
  • The Arborist specified that best practice was to do no Earthworks at all as any ground disturbance may affect the health of the established trees.
  • TRUEGRID Pro Plus was specified with no disturbance to the existing ground to occur except where the TRUEGRID meets the existing Asphalt Surface.
  • To comply with the Australian Standard for car park Slopes the car park was levelled using 20mm angular gravel laid on Geofab with no earthworks being completed.
  • The depth of gravel varied from 50mm to 265mm
  • The TRUEGRID Pro Plus was laid with a Concrete kerb to edge garden beds.
  • Superspots have been used to provide line marking for car spaces
  • Once complete Angular gravel was used to fill.

June 2020 MR P.P.’s Deli and Rooftop Southport

The latest installation by TRUEGRID @MR P.P.’s Deli and Rooftop Southport Gold Coast.
The never ending task of increasing a buildings footprint to maximise space and increase profit often weighs heavily on building owners. This installation was unique due to its size and location. Positioned in the Southport CBD on the Gold Coast, MR P.P’s has a zero lot boundary, heritage building on one side, and an inability to connect to storm water without major earthworks.
1. Increase usable space through minimal excavation
2. Provide a solution that can be used as a hard stand for parking of cars and trucks
3. Provide a cost-effective solution that removes dust and dirt without the need for concrete and allows surface water to naturally penetrate the earth thus removing the need for storm water connection.
1. Increased the buildings usable footprint by 150m2
2. Provided an additional 6 off street parking spaces in the CBD
3. 2 hours of excavation and installation completed in 6 hours
4. Saving of approx $10,000 against concrete. No storm water connection required

2020 X Games Bike Park

TRUEGRID helps future site of the 2020 UCI BMX World Championships save a million dollars by eliminating detention pond and providing a high traffic commercial lot at a lower cost than concrete turnkey.In October 2016, Union Cyclist International (UCI) announced that Houston would host the 2020 UCI BMX World Championships—the world’s largest BMX racing competition—at the yet unbuilt North Houston Bike Park. The Park is part of a 30-acre extreme sports complex that can seat approximately 3,500 guests as a $13-14 million extension of North Houston Skate Park, the largest skate park in North America.

In order to accommodate the anticipated audience that comes with an Olympic-level event, TRUEGRID PRO PLUS was used in the construction of 175,000 sf of 100% permeable parking lots.

Parkway Bakery Car Park

Leading the way to reduce flooding in their neighborhood, the iconic Parkway Bakery (voted to NY Times 50 best sandwich list for their po’boys) was the first to install the 100% permeable TRUEGRID system. Using an 8” base for detention, the lot has helped Parkway weather several storms without flood damage since the installation in 2015.

Whole Foods supermarket car park

High heel friendly, ADA compliant high end retail parking lot.

Marine Biology Building low impact car park (University of California)

The new Coastal Biology Building at the University of California in Santa Cruz at the UC Santa Cruz Coastal Science Campus is located right on the northern coastline. The campus houses laboratories, office and teaching facilities for students and marine scientists. The adjoining coastal area is extremely important for marine research. The university directors, site architects and engineers recognized the need to naturally filter auto pollutants from the parking areas to prevent damage to marine life and the fragile ecosystem in the area. UC Santa Cruz vetted several permeable options and decided TRUEGRID PRO PLUS was the right fit for aesthetic, reliability, and cost. The first daily use parking lot and three following high traffic parking lots were built with TRUEGRID PRO PLUS. The clean stone used for infill and base used filters rainwater through the natural bio-remediation process to remove vehicular hydrocarbons, oils and gasoline drippings, nitrogen, phosphorous etc as it enters the soils and makes its way to the ocean. One parking lot was designed with added filtration by directing infiltrated, collected water from the TRUEGRID lot into a vegetated swale area…that then then went into the ocean filtered and cleaned.

Primary School Bus lanes, drop off and parking

Bus lanes, drop area and parking lot for school. Pervious cover, drainage.

Riel Restaurant customer car park

The owners of an upscale urban restaurant in the Montrose area of Houston, needed parking for their new restaurant venture. Due to the location in the highly populated area, land for parking was limited to the 5,000 sf area behind the strip center where the restaurant was located. When the engineers met with the city about their options with the limited space, the city recommended TRUEGRID due to the previous success within the city on commercial projects. By going with concrete or asphalt they would either be required to give up much needed land to detention or install expensive underground tanks that were not in the budget. By moving forward with TRUEGRID they were allowed pervious cover credit for their parking and did not have to provide added detention thus utilizing 100% of the space available for parking. The first lot was such a success, a year later they bought the 7000 sf lot behind them and installed an additional TRUEGRID parking lot permitted for 100% pervious cover credit.

Spring Street Beer & Wine Garden

A Harvey story. TRUEGRID saved this new venue from flood damage when Harvey hit. Pro Plus is used in 7000 sf of parking and patio on this redeveloped gas station transformed into a popular drinking establishment along the inner city bike path and bayou.

Harris County EZ Tag Store Parking Lot

TXDOT approved. TRUEGRID parking……….detention.

Heavy Vehicle Parking and Storage:

Storage Lot – 100% Land utilisation

Houston’s oldest microbrewery had a parking problem. As Saint Arnold’s business has grown, so did their parking needs. The brewery is located near Downtown Houston with limited space. Two expansion lots had serious problems.

Parking lot 1 had old cracked concrete, serious flooding and pooling issues and needed to be replaced. Remediation was needed for contaminated soil under and around the lot from old industrial activity on the site.

Parking lot 2 was to be redesigned to remove torn up asphalt as well as replace some of the green space that was needed for parking. Budget and expensive land made retention/detention and drainage a costly proposition.

Autonation 11,000 sq mt car storage yard

The AutoNation dealership needed a large car and truck inventory lot. The 120,000 square feet site initially designated 21 percent or 25,000 square feet for a concrete detention pond for the impervious concrete lot. AutoNation needed the whole 120,000 square feet for its inventory requirements. In an effort to solve this issue and cut costs from a conventional concrete/detention pond design, AutoNation turned to Big Red Dog Engineering. TRUEGRID Permeable Paver was then chosen by Big Red Dog Engineering due to its superior strength, design and proven track record in Low-Impact Development.

Storage facility with a $5 million saving

The owner of this self-storage facility was about to develop his site. His engineers, as well as the city, told him he would need to use 2.5 acres of his 14-acre site to build a detention pond. Gravel alone would not be counted as pervious cover.

He took his plan, did a Google search for permeable pavers, and chose TRUEGRID over all other options. Working hand-in-hand with TRUEGRID, his civil engineers calculated that the entire site’s detention volume requirements could be met with 8″of sub-base under the TRUEGRID surface. The base and fill material was locally sourced 3/4″ limestone. The land was graded with a slight slope so any minimal storm water that did not infiltrate the sub-soils could be sheet flowed toward the rear of the property. A porous pinpoint fabric was also used between the soil and the sub-base rock for added stabilization of the clay soils.

Low Maintenance industrial Equipment Yard

A developer had plans to build an overnight parking location for 18 wheelers on major truck line in West Texas. The site was 5 1/2 acres and a 35,000-square-foot and 4-foot-deep detention pond was required along with a major additional drainage element to handle and route stormwater runoff. Due to being a quite flat land with little slope, expensive sump pumps would have been required as well. Projected costs for both asphalt and concrete exceeded the targeted budget and an alternative was needed.

Erosion Free Permeable Yard for Pipe Storage

Industrial Storage for pipe yard. Tractor and trailer traffic.

Monster Mobile Crane Rental Yard

TRUEGRID PRO PLUS helps customer stabilize existing gravel yard to mitigate dust issues, enable the yard to be used during/after rain events, and eliminate costly and frequent yard maintenance.

Overflow and event parking:

Grass Driveway and Parking Honey Bee Ranch

Honey Bee Ranch Event Center was in dire need of parking with their growing popularity. Not knowing there was a better solution, their first thought was concrete and asphalt. They were not happy, however, about ruining the natural beauty of their ranch with a drab impervious surface. How could Honey Bee Ranch maintain their countryside aesthetic and build a new parking lot that will still be durable and cost effective?

After some careful research, TRUEGRID was determined to be the right choice. By utilizing TRUEGRID for their parking, and following the grass fill specifications, Honey Bee Ranch was able to “do it themselves”. They solved their parking woes with a parking lot that literally disappears within the natural beauty of the space. They were also able to avoid permitting issues that would come with impervious surfaces and eliminate the extra cost of added drainage elements. The grass parking lot’s runoff coefficient was the same as the surround meadow land.

Overflow grass parking

Stabilized grass parking, sodded with sandy/soil loam mix.

Pocono Race Track Car Park and Walkway

Pocono Raceway, one of NASCAR’s premier tracks, wanted to update their guest areas. They were looking to improve the way guests traveled from the rough and irregular parking lots to the grandstand in a cost effective way and hired Sharp Pencil’s to take on the challenge. After many online searches, dozens of sample box shipments and reviews of products, TRUEGRID emerged victorious. TRUEGRID aligned with NASCAR’s green initiatives at Pocono Raceway, that already is 100 percent solar-powered.

Dept of Transport underpass stabilization

Freeway underpass stabilized with 100% pervious cover and detention.

Emergency Access Easements:

LinkedIn Fire Access easement

Stabilized Fire lane and Emergency Vehicle Access

Lifestyle pursuits:

Horse stables

Muddy stables replaced with TRUEGRID. Allows urine to drain, keeps stables from becoming muddy and rutted.

Wellington Aero Club

The areo club community’s grass taxiways were experiencing too much wear n’tear and hurting the high end look of the community. Also, the frequent Florida rains would cause the grass taxiways to become unusable when saturated. Four years earlier the aero club had installed TRUEGRID PRO PLUS around their highest traffic area…the fueling stations. Due to the success of this project the community looked into installing TRUEGRID PRO PLUS throughout the whole community to eliminate continuous maintenance costs and the inability to use their taxiways after heavy rains and ground saturation. TRUEGRID’s patented design with bottom flange, industrial load capacity, and integral flex joints allowed the airport to lay their TRUEGRID PRO PLUS on existing subgrade without additional base aggregate…a big cost reducer that other options could not provide. Once the TRUEGRID PRO PLUS was down on the existing leveled and compacted soil, they simply laid their TRUEGRID PRO PLUS, infilled with soil and laid sod over the infilled TRUEGRID PRO PLUS. Now they can get in and out with their heaviest jets without worrying about getting stuck and tearing up their attractive grass taxiways.