The future for infrastructure
is Permeable Paving

What is a TRUEGRID Permeable Paver?

Is the world’s strongest plastic permeable paver for grass & gravel paving, commercial paving, residential paving & stormwater management!

100% Land Utilisation

TRUEGRID 100% Recycled permeable Pavers create cleaner urban spaces allowing rain and stormwater to infiltrate through infill gravel or grass to be detained below, reducing pollutants, promoting water quality, tree health and better urban environments.

Industrial Strength

Heavy loads, no dust. Heavy rain, no mud. TRUEGRID has the compressive and tensile strength, as well as the balance of rigidity and flexibility to handle heavy commercial vehicle traffic while creating an underground detention basin for water to flow into.

Cost Benefits

Increase your building footprint on land saved by eliminating or reducing detention ponds and get a 100% pervious drive on surface with long-term, cost-effective benefits. Quick and easy to install with total costs less than concrete and comparable with asphalt.


Below are just a few of the many applications our product is suitable for:

golf course paths

Virtually any paving application except for high speed highways


Works in all climates and soils
Storm water detention


Dust Mitigation

Strong for heavy use & loads

No potholes, puddles, cracks.

Modular, fast, easy to build

Attractive with a natural aesthetic with gravel or grass fill

Cool. Safe & ecofriendly. Sustainable.

A natural water filter. Less expensive than concrete.

Paving that saves land, eliminates detention ponds & fights flooding.



The Commercial Paver

Built For Contractors

Structured for Engineers

Designed For Architects

Envisioned For Developers


The Residential Paver

Built For Contractors

Structured for Engineers

Designed For Architects

Envisioned For Developers

Easy to Install

Easy to Install, high visibility SuperSpots®

Mark Parking spaces, delineate driving lanes, and create custom shapes with
high visibility SuperSpots®.

Doing things differently can
move mountains

Mountains of plastic saved from landfills and oceans, is recycled and
repurposed for eco-friendly TRUEGRID paving products.